There is a lot of inaccurate information about periods out there, which is perhaps not totally surprising. However, despite what you would think, women can also fall victim to period myths, especially if they were taught to them by elder sisters, mothers, aunts, or grandmothers who learned them before them

This conversation is essential to dispelling myths about menstruation and has the potential to advance learning globally. This way of thinking could change people’s perspectives and advance the health of women all across the world.

Let’s find out 10 surprising thing men believe about period, what misunderstandings they have, and the answers to some of the often asked questions.

1. Thank God We Don’t Have To Deal With It

Many men simply express gratitude that they do not have to deal with menstruation on a monthly basis. Although it can make them uncomfortable and they aren’t always sure how to respond when discussing it, they are aware that it can be a difficult experience.

2. Do Cramps Really Hurt That Much?

Yes. Once more, not all women get cramps during their period, and not all women get cramps of the same intensity. Some women experience nothing at all, while others experience excruciating discomfort.

This pain can be so intense that it can make a person throw up, get headaches, or even make them fall asleep. In fact, a doctor said in 2016 that having period discomfort can be just as severe as having a heart attack. It is important to remember that this discomfort is serious.

The uterus contracts during cramps in order to remove its uterine lining (this is what menstruation is).

3. Does Everyone Get A Period In Exactly The Same Way?

Additionally, some guys appear to believe that every person who gets a period exhibits the same symptoms and handles them in the same manner, which is undoubtedly untrue. It’s a prevalent belief that women who cohabit eventually have their monthly periods coincide. Many men say they are surprised by a certain period symptom or the severity of a symptom since they have never heard of or experienced that particular type of period. Back discomfort or breast soreness may become apparent in a month, but cramps were a bigger problem when you were younger.

4. How Splattered Is A Period?

This will differ from person to person, much like the majority of the replies. A lady will lose between 30-80 ml of blood during her entire period. Although this might not seem like a lot, the flow is frequently irregular during the entire cycle. Some days are heavier than others, and women can have extremely high blood flow and blood clot counts.

5. Can Period Blood Attract Wild Animals?

Additionally, some individuals think that period attracts wild animals like bears and sharks. Actually, there is no proof that a bear would be drawn to the smell of old blood.

If period attracts wildlife, then historically, women weren’t the ones doing the hunting. It’s probably not something you need to worry too much about.

6. Is It OK to Have Sexual Contact During Your Period?

It is totally acceptable to have sex when on your period, although this certainly depends on your partner’s personal preferences regarding whether they want to.

Progesterone and estrogen are two hormones that might boost sex desire. But many women experience bloating and discomfort during their period, which may lessen their desire for sex.

7. Unprotected Sex While Women Are On Their Periods Not Cause Pregnancy

Some people think that you can have unprotected sex while you’re on Some individuals mistakenly believe that they can engage in unprotected intercourse while they are on their period and not become pregnant.

The first day of a woman’s period marks the beginning of her menstrual cycle, which lasts until the first day of her subsequent period.

When an egg is released from a woman’s ovaries during ovulation, which typically happens 12 to 14 days before the start of her next menstruation, she is at her most fertile. Women are most likely to become pregnant at this period of the month.

Although it can happen, it is unusual that woman will become pregnant just after her period. It’s crucial to keep in mind that sperm can occasionally remain in the body for up to 7 days following sex.

This means that if she ovulates early, especially if she has a naturally brief menstrual cycle, it may be possible for her to become pregnant soon after her period ends.

8. Woman Can Somehow Control Her Period Blood

Men will sometimes ask, “Can’t you just hold it?” as though women can somehow control the flow of their period. Most people who encounter periods have had that specific talk at least once. They didn’t understand why it was so urgent to find a tampon or go to the bathroom to make a change. I’ve personally had this type of conversation more than once. Unfortunately, that’s not how periods function; it’s just a reality.

It can be quite embarrassing to stain any other area of your clothing for whatever reason, and many who suffer a tampon (or other) leak or spotting on their pants don’t want that to happen. They are powerless to change it.

9. Menstrual Cycles Are Tied To The Moon

It appears that some men hold the false belief that the menstrual cycle is related to the moon. The length of these cycles is roughly the same, so it’s not a stupid question; therefore, it’s understandable that individuals (men and women) could believe this. But when you look at the statistics, there isn’t really a correlation between moon phases and when your period starts, as was noted in a blog post on Clue’s website.

10. Frightened Of Moodiness

Some people believe that women who are menstruating are dangerous to be around. referring to it as “Dragon Lady Week” or “Shark Week” due to the idea that women are more irritable and temperamental during their periods.

Due to the mentality instilled in them by their dads, it is true that all males claimed that this is how they used to think or felt as children. It appears that there is a shift in thinking.

What Should A Guy Know About Periods?

It’s a typical occurrence related to the female body. Blood is discharged by females through the vaginal canal. Not painful, either. However, the cramps are very terrible. Not all women experience mood swings during their periods. Don’t accuse them of having a lot of emotion at that time. Even the idea that everyone has a sour taste in their mouths is somewhat of a fallacy.

Others Relatable Period Things

PMS: Every married man should know about PMS as their life partner goes through a lot of things during this cycle. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a group of physical and emotional symptoms that begin about a week before your period. It makes some people feel irritable, while others feel bloated and achy.

PMS can also induce mood fluctuations in the weeks leading up to a period for some people. An abrupt, unexplained change in mood is referred to as a mood swing. You might wake up in a good mood, but an hour or two later, for no apparent reason, you become impatient and angry.

How long does PMS exist?

PMS symptoms last roughly six days on average per month, with the peak severity of symptoms happening two days before the first day of menstrual flow. Hormone fluctuations, increased sensitivity to normal levels of estrogen and progesterone, increased aldosterone and plasma renin activity, and neurotransmitter abnormalities, including serotonin, are all possible causes.

Last But Not The Least

It’s acceptable for males to not instinctively comprehend all the details of periods, but being aware of what is true and what is false can help you better appreciate what people who experience periods go through each month and also help you become more well-informed in general.


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